"Flory is encouraging and supportive while pushing me to work past what I thought my limits were. I have learned so much about my body and what I'm capable of. I never expected to get to where I am now. "

"She teaches you form over more weights. She knows how to move, how to use balance and what works for you. Highly recommend her."


"I have really enjoyed my sessions with you. The thing I appreciate most is your attention to technical detail, and your general approach to health and well being. I also find you really personable, easy going, and fun to work with! I have already recommended you to a few people."


"Overall, my experience has been very positive. With your confident coaching style, I feel assured that you know what you are talking about. You are a great listener which is important to me, and I feel like you are 'rooting for me'... the manner in which you keep a thread going from session to session is helpful--and it is obvious to me that you are present and 'clear' during our sessions."