Your Goals, Your Custom Program 

For advanced individuals or competitive athletes who do not require one-on-one training sessions and instruction, I provide personalized fitness programming for your goals and schedule. This is great if you know what you're doing but don't know how much to do or simply want to get more results.

Two benefits to having custom programming are that you ensure continued progression (results) and that your workouts are time-effective. Hopefully this also means you're able to be more time-effective with everything else in your life!  Focuses include the following:

  • strength and conditioning
  • posture correction and flexibility improvements
  • purposeful movement for day-to-day functionality
  • injury rehabilitation 
  • sport-specific performance
  • powerlifting 
  • special populations including but not limited to
    • pre/ post-natal
    • spinal injuries or conditions
    • metabolic conditions

After completing a comprehensive client profile with me that records your capabilities, restrictions, physical history, and goals I will program your mesocycle or microcycle. This service is also available to individuals not based in Vancouver, BC. 


I dedicate time and research to writing your personal workouts which are tiered for specific types and durations of programming. Please contact me using the Sign Me Up link below for more information or to start your programming. Half of your total cost must be paid after the comprehensive client profile completion and before I hand over your custom workouts. 


Anywhere you choose because it's your program! Please indicate in your inquiry where you will be training. 


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